Duas for Our Dearest Parents

1. Tonight let’s make a special dua for parents. Some of us take our parents for granted, thinking they will always be here to love and comfort us but one day they won’t be here. So treasure your time with them. Look after them like they looked after you. We could have been neglected when we were small but we were all loved and blessed. So let’s make a dua that Allah blesses all parents, past and present with Jannah. May Allah grant us the patience to deal patiently with them in their old age Read more [...]

Duas for the Recently Departed

1. Tonight let’s make a dua for people who have recently died. I get a lot of emails from people whose parents or close family members have sadly passed away and tonight let HOTD remember all those who have left this world for the next. May Allah forgive their sins and grant them Jannah. May Allah also grant their loved ones the patience and strength to deal with such grief. Ameen. 2. Today let’s make a special dua for the families of the 3 young men sadly killed in the rioting that occurred Read more [...]

Duas for the Women in Our Lives

1. Tonight let’s make a special dua for our Mothers. Not only have they loved and protected us all our lives, but they’ve kept us safe. When was the last time we all sat our mothers down and said ‘I love and appreciate you’ Just imagine how happy that would make our mothers. So may Allah bless all our mothers, past and present with Jannah because no-one deserves it more than they do. Ameen. 2. Ok brothers let’s make a Dua for all the women in our lives. Whether they’re mothers, daughters, Read more [...]

Duas for the Less Fortunate

1. How blessed are we to have hot food all the time? Today at lunchtime I thought to myself we are never short of food for us or our children. We are so lucky. We should be thankful to Allah for the small things we take for granted. Look at people all over the world who don’t have these luxuries which we take for granted every single day. May Allah give us humility to never forget how lucky we truly are. Ameen 2. Tonight let’s make a dua for those people less fortunate than us. We have so Read more [...]

Dua for A Friend or A Sister Expecting A Baby

1. Today let’s make a very special dua to all those sisters who are pregnant or who have just given birth. May Allah bless your children with Imaan and Health. May Allah ease your pains and give you so much love and patience to take care of your new angels HOTD wishes you all the best and may Allah protect us all. Ameen

Duas for Someone Facing Troubled Times in their Marriage

1. Tonight. Right now. This very moment. This very second. Let’s make a very very special dua. For those who are experiencing problems in their marriages. For those who feel despair. For those who have lost hope. I feel for all of you. I pray that our Allah brings you hope, brings you joy, brings you faith and brings you success. I pray Allah protects us all. Ameen. Ameen. Ameen… 2. Let’s pray that Allah gives all married couples the patience and common sense to deal with any problems smoothly Read more [...]

Duas Just to be Thankful and to Send Praise to Allah

1. Praise be to Allah whom all people praise in different languages. He is the Most Bounteous and the Most Beneficent. I praise and thank Him in order to receive His pleasing Gifts. Allah please also bless HOTD and all its members. Ameen. 2. Dear Allah, today I really want to thank you, for giving me this beautiful life, this experience of joy, pain, sadness, there is nothing I could ask for more, and when my time comes, I know in my heart that you will be with me. Ameen. 3. The best word of Read more [...]

Duas for Your Family

1. Ya Allah, please forgive my sins that I may have committed and please forgive the sins of my parents, children, brothers and sisters in Islam and please also forgive the sins of every single member of HOTD. Ameen. 2. Dear Allah. Please grant me and every member of HOTD and their friends and family a safe passage on the Day of Judgement. Protect us in your shade. Be Merciful to us on the day when we will all require Mercy. I love you Allah. I love you so much and I love Muhammad (peace be upon Read more [...]

Duas for People Who Have Left Us

1. Tonight let’s make a special dua for those people who have left us. May Allah forgive their sins and enter them into Jannah. May Allah also give us the patience to deal with such losses and the appreciation that everything comes from Allah. We all came from Allah and we will return to Allah one day. I hope you’re all keeping safe Insha’Allah. Ameen! 2. Allah! Forgive our living and our dead, those who are with us and those who are absent, our young and our old, our men and our women. Read more [...]